Intelligent In-line Power Monitored PDU's

Intelligent In-line Power Monitored PDU

PDU eXperts KWX-LZ Series: is the new generation inline power monitoring, KWX-LZ meters simplify the management of power usage and environmental conditions in the data center. KWX-LZ combines environmental monitoring technology and provide real-time remote power consumption of total current load and voltage.

Total Current Monitoring, KWX- Inline series can be added to existing basic pdu set up for Remote In-Line Power Monitoring, and can be accessed via LAN/WAN or over serial interface.

KWX-LZ comes in 19” format and in small form factor and can be made based on customer requirements. KWX-LZ is avaliable in 16A & 32A with different outlets such as,  UK, IEC,  Schuko, Nema, Nutruicks, RJ45.