Symbiosis Overveiw Intuitively optimize the energy consumption in your data centre with Symbiosis
Symbiosis supports you in optimizing the energy consumption of your data centre in a very comprehensive way. As an innovative energy monitoring and management system, Symbiosis provides simple, reliable and cost-efficient collection, management and control of vital energy and environmental data of data centres. You can see all connected PDUs, UPS’s, cooling systems and sensors clearly structured and at a glance at any time. Increase the competitiveness of your data centre with Symbiosis For the first time, Symbiosis enables small and medium-sized data centres to measure, and thus reduce, their energy consumption effectively and comprehensively and increase their competitiveness. The Symbiosis installation runs (almost) automatically and identifies all your PDUs , UPS’s, sensors and cooling systems and other DC equipment Symbiosis provides energy monitoring and control for PDUs, UPS’s and sensors from many different manufacturers in one place and registers everything connected to it automatically – an essential feature in the heterogenous technology landscape of data centres and no additional installation hassle for you (currently we support PDUs and sensors from third party. Symbiosis also adapts optimally to different sensors of a data centre.

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