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KWX-ATS16A8C3-H4  8port (IEC C13 slide lock), 19" Rack mount Automatic Transfer Switch, is a new generation of Intelligent Automatic

Dimensions: 484  mm x 45.5mm  x 202mm (W x D x L)

Mounting length: 465mm


KWX-ATS16A8C3-H4 Rack mount Automatic Transfer Switch,  is a new generation of Intelligent Automatic Transfer Switch, provides 2 x C20 input and 8 x lockable IEC-C13. It combines network power distribution and environmental monitoring technology. It delivers consistent power, to single-corded equipment. KWX-ATS16A8C3-H4 has a dual input  A & B  power cords supplying power to the connect load. In the event where the primary power source becomes unavailable, the KWX-ATS16A8C3-H4 will flawlessly source power from the secondary source without interrupting critical loads. This high speed transfer rate ensures that the transfer is transparent to the sensitive equipment. KWX-ATS16A8C3-H4, provides remote power consumption of total current load and voltage, Individual outlet monitoring & switching (on/off). Receive SNMP-based or email alerts when power or environmental surroundings go above the thresholds. Assign access rights to user groups or individuals.

Never worry about accidental disconnects within your 19inch Rack space again with IEC slide lock ATS's.Ideal for use within the Data cente or Comms Room to protect against accidental vibration disconnects to keep your networks powered up.Available.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable sequential powering (on/off)
  • Total current monitoring
  • Outlets Switching ON/OFF
  • Adjustable sequential powering (on)
  • 8 millisecond Switch over
  • Total current monitoring
  • Total voltage input & output monitoring
  • Total kWh used
  • Power factor recognition
  • Up to 55°C Hot aisle operating capacity 
  • SMS, SNMP & Email
  • 230V
  • Surge protection
  • 2 x C20 Input plugs A & B connection
  • 8 x IEC C13 lockable IEC-C13 Outlets

Built in environmental monitoring as standard:

  • Temperature & humidity alarm sensor
  • Water logging alarm sensor
  • Infrared sensor (for Intrusion & detect) 
  • Smoke detector
  • Automated alarm notifications
  • Up to 8 plug and play sensors
  • Lockable IEC C13 sockets as standard
  • Intelligent outlet type and recognition
  • 24v & 48v DC, Single phase 120v & 240v & 3 phase 400v



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